About us

Q- Club is nongovernmental, humanitarian and not for profit organization established in June of 2006 from the people affected by HIV/AIDS in Belgrade, Serbia.

Q-Club is to improve quality of life of PLHIV and health of general population trough raising awareness about HIV/AIDS in society, fighting against stigma and discrimination and for achieving full with respect of human rights with the Greater Involvement of PLHIV in response of AIDS pandemic.

Q-Club program activities:

• Advocacy and lobbing activities for rights and better quality of life of PLHIV community
• Self-support groups
• Education
• Training and volunteering opportunities
• Experts counseling
• ICT program

From the group of individuals affected by HIV/AIDS, facing with problems in their own life, we formed an organization whose programs are based on the G.I.P.A. principles (UN Declaration, Paris, 1994). All activities are directed towards improving status of PLHIV community. We are actively working with members and users of services provided by Q-Club, media promotion of interests of PLHIV community and supporting regional groups for self-support of people affected by HIV, especially in advocacy needs of PLHIV community.


Five year report