Advocacy in Healthcare


Project title: Advicacy in Healthcare

Project duration: Two months (November and December 2014)

Donor: GlaxoSmithKleine

Partners: Civic Initiatives

Project goal: Contribution to developing the civil society, specifically patient groups, for advocacy in healthcare.

Project description: Within this project we organized a training “Advocacy in Healthcare” on 28-30 November 2014.

The goal of the training was to help develop the civil society, specifically patient groups, for advocacy in healthcare, to empower patient groups to form partnerships with other stakeholder in order to improve the healthcare system; but also to contribute to more active inclusion of patients in development of policies and standards that affect them. Another goal of the training was to provide information on the legal framework that regulates rights and obligations of patients, and to identify possible cooperation as well as joint actions.

The training was implemented by trainers of the Team TRI, Snežana Stojanović i Sonja Todorović. Participants had an opportunity to learn about the advocacy process with a special focus on healthcare, where their interest lies.

In one of the sessions on the current situation on healthcare and steps to improve the position of patients the speaker was Dr Dragan Delić, president of the Serbian Medical Chamber

Result: 20 participants from 20 civil society organizations passed the training

Five year report