European HIV Legal Forum


Project title: European HIV Legal Forum

Project duration: 2014/2015

Partners: AIDS Action Europe, LILA Milano (Italy), Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (Hungary), National AIDS Trust (UK), SOA AIDS Netherlands, AIDES (France), SIEC Plus (Poland), CASCADES (Spain), PRAXIS (Greece), Deutsche AIDS Hilfe (Germany), Q-klub (Serbija)

Project goal: Project for 2014/2015 focus on the legal situation of migrants in an irregular situation that are living with HIV in relation to access to healthcare services and health insurance.

Description: In recent years there was a growing interest within AIDS Action Europe in legal issues related to HIV and the European HIV Legal Forum was therefore developed. This initiative aims to bring together legal and policy experts to jointly monitor, advise and act where and whenever human rights of people living with HIV and of key populations are at risk.

In 2012 a survey was set out in Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, UK and the Netherlands. The questionnaire has led to some valuable insights into the differences in health systems and its effects on access to treatment and services for irregular migrants in the five countries that participated in this pilot survey. In this phase project involves 10 respectable organizations from different European countries. Q-Club is delighted that have been invited to work with these partners and such important project.

Five year report