European HIV Legal Forum


Project title: European HIV Legal Forum

Project duration: 2014/2015

Partners: AIDS Action Europe, LILA Milano (Italy), Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (Hungary), National AIDS Trust (UK), SOA AIDS Netherlands, AIDES (France), SIEC Plus (Poland), CASCADES (Spain), PRAXIS (Greece), Deutsche AIDS Hilfe (Germany), Q-klub (Serbija)


Advocacy in Healthcare


Project title: Advicacy in Healthcare

Project duration: Two months (November and December 2014)

Donor: GlaxoSmithKleine

Partners: Civic Initiatives

Project goal: Contribution to developing the civil society, specifically patient groups, for advocacy in healthcare.


Rapid HIV Testing


Project title: Rapid HIV Testing

Project duration: Two months (November-December 2014)

Donor: GlaxoSmithKleine

Partners: Association Duga, Public Health Institute of Serbia, Public Health Institute of Belgrade

Project goal: Improving availability of HIV testing and raising awareness on importance and advantages of knowing one’s own HIV status.

Five year report