Commemorating the World AIDS Day


Association Q-Club took part in the commemoration of the World AIDS Day 2016 in Belgrade. This was the 13th such commemoration in Belgrade, and it took place on 15 May under the message “Engage, Educate Empower”. The manifestation in Belgrade took place in the Academic Plateau, where a group of community organizations actively working on response to HIV performed commemorative lighting of candles in the form of a red ribbon, releasing 150 red balloons with support messages into the sky, free, voluntary and confidential HIV consoling and testing, talking to citizens and distributing informational and educational materials.

Participating in the action were USOP, Association Više od pomoći, Association Žena plus, Association AS centar, Association Duga, Association Q-klub, Institute for public health of Serbia „Dr Milan Jovanović Batut“, Belgrade institute for public health and Institute for healthcare of students.

The manifestation in Serbia was a part of an international initiatives implemented every year in the third week of May in most countries around the world. Since 1983 by the network of people who actively participate in the response to HIV in memoriam of people who died of AIDS, to show solidarity with people living with HIV, but also to raise awareness of the society, reduce stigma and discrimination, and give hope to younger generations.


Report on activities within the European Testing Week and the World AIDS Day


Institute for public health of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut” published the Report on implemented activities within the third European HIV and Hepatitis Testing week, from 20-27 November, and the World AIDS Day, on 1 December 2015. 

Q-Club participated in implementation of these activities, and was one of the motivators for implementation of activities for the European Testing Week.

You can download the report in Serbian here.


How Close are We to Modern Treatment in Serbia?


Magazine Diplomacy & Commerce in cooperation with British Magazine Economist organized expert meeting “How Close Are We to Modern Treatment in Serbia?”. The meeting took place on April 8 2016, and the key topic was implementation of the systematic and transparent solution with anti corruption mechanism for introducing drugs on the positive list – the so-called “System for Pragmatic Value Assessment – the PVA system”.

There were several local and international experts speaking on the needs for defining criteria for introducing drugs on the positive lists and characteristics of the “PVA system”. Key speakers were Professor from Harvard University, John McDonough, and professor from Corvinus University, David Danko.

The “PVA system” is a simple pondering system for assessing healthcare technologies which includes all relevant aspects of the decision making process, and which helps improve cost-effectiveness of drugs with minimal changes in the healthcare legal framework. This approach is particularly important for improving treatment of people receiving long-term and expensive treatment, including people living with HIV and Hepatitis C.

Representing Q-Club on this expert meeting was Nada Mićić.


Meeting “HIV/AIDS Civil Society Organizations Partnerships in Europe”


Association Q-Club and the Institute for public health of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanović Batut“ in cooperation with AIDS ACTION EUROPE organized a meeting/discussion called “HIV/AIDS Civil Society Organizations Partnerships in Europe – next steps for HIV programs in Serbia” in Belgrade, on 12 April 2016.

The goal of the meeting was to analyze options for cooperation between civil society organizations working on the response to HIV/AIDS and public organizations, as well as cooperation with AIDS ACTION EUROPE, particularly in the context of joining of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union, and the need for support for HIV/AIDS programs in Serbia after retreat of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

On the meeting were Board members and employees of AIDS action Europe, representatives of more than 20 civil society organizations from Serbia working in the field of HIV/AIDS and other participants, like doctors, epidemiologists and representatives of pharmaceutical companies. The total number of more than 40 people demonstrates a high interest for this topics, and success of the meeting.

In the initial part of the meeting the speakers were Dr Danijela Simic, representing the Institute for public health, and she presented the epidemiological situation in Serbia, Anke Van Dam, president of AIDS ACTION EUROPE, and she presented this European network of associations working with HIV/AIDS and programs supported by the European Commission in this field, as well as Nenad Petkovic, representative of Q-Club and board member of AIDS ACTION EUROPE, and he spoke on the history of activities of civil society in Serbia and the Region, as well as potential future cooperation. A lively discussion followed and the topics of the discussion were current programs and best practices in Serbia and European countries in prevention, testing, treatment and support for people living with HIV.

Getting to know each other and discussion between the representatives of European and local association and other relevant participants was a good platform to assess potential cooperation and assistance that local organizations can expect from European networks, but they are also very significant for improving the HIV/AIDS response in Serbia.


Press Conference Regarding HIV Testing Results form 2015


A press conference regarding HIV testing results from national campaigns implemented late 2015 was organized at the Institute for public health of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanović Batut“ on 29 of March 2016. The actions represented were the European HIV and Hepatitis Testing Week and World AIDS Day. Q-Club was an integral part of implementation of these campaigns, and a motivator for implementing the Euorpean Testing Week activities.

Speakers at the conference were the Director of the Institute for public health of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanović Batut“, Dr Dragan Ilić, Assistant Minister of Health, Dr Vеsnа Кnjеginjić, head of the World Health Organization Office in Serbia, Dr Miljаnа Grbić, head of the VCT center in the Student’s healthcare clinic, prim Dr sc med. Milа Pаunić and president of Association Rainbow, Aleksandar Prica.

Among the most important results of the VCT activities was that in the late 2015 there was a significant increase in newly diagnosed people living with HIV, which in 2015 was higher than in 2014 for more than 30%, and the highest since 1989. The speakers stressed that VCT with groups under increased risk is a recognized priority in the following period, and that the most successful model will significantly depend on cooperation between the public and civil sector.


Five year report