Meeting with Medicopharmacia company


Meeting between Q-Club and subsidiaries pharmaceutical company Medicopharmacia in Croatia and Serbia took place in Belgrade on February 8, 2016. Representing the Croatian subsidiary of Medicopharmacia was Mr. Emin Džanić, representing the Serbian subsidiary was Ms. Nataša Budimčić, while represnting Q-Club on the meeting was Ms. Nada Mićić. The toppic of the meeting was potential future cooperation between Q-Club and Medicopharmacia.


Humanitarian AID for the World AIDS Day


For the patients living with HIV who are currently in treatment in the Clinic for tropic and infectious diseases in Belgrade, Pharmacy “Krug” from the Pharmaceutical company Famranea provided a donation of hygienic necessities.

This donation was organized on the occasion of the World AIDS Day. Volunteers of Q-Club organized the donation as support packages and gave them directly to the patients. Such a donation is very important for patients, because this is a seldom opportunity when someone thought of them directly.

On behalf of the patients we wish to thank the Pharmacy “Krug” and the Pharmaceutical company Famranea.


Support to the Merlinka Queer Film Festival


Activists of Q-Club gave support to the Queer Film Festival, Merlinka by giving an appropriate introductory speech about how people live with HIV in Serbia, about their position and services available for them.

The speech was an introduction for the movie “With Love”, which was one of the three movies shown on the occasion of the World AIDS day, as a support for people living with HIV.


Workshops at the Medical School in Belgrade


In cooperation with the Student’s Science and Research Center of the Medical School of the Belgrade University, Q-Club organized two workshops:

- Workshop on prevention of HIV and STIs
- Workshop on living with HIV and problems that PLHIV face in the healthcare system

Q-Club volunteers talked with about thirty students of the Medical School and openly discussed the risks for HIV transmission, how to prevent the infection, but also what is it like to live with HIV, and with what kinds of attitudes, prejudices and obstacles they face in everyday life but also within the healthcare system in Serbia.

The goal of these workshops was to sensitise the students, and to raise their awareness for both their future professional work in order to treat PLHIV better, but also in their personal lives, so that they could be more responsible with their health and risks regarding HIV and STIs.


Preparing for the World AIDS Day


On the occasion of the World AIDS Day, Q-Club will organise numerous activities. One of those will be direct support to people living with HIV who are currently on treatment in the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Belgrade. We have provided adequate higenic packages for them, and they will be directly given to them by our volunteers.


Five year report