Public forum on patients' rights


Public forum dedicated to patients’ rights took place on Wednesday, October 14th 2015 in the UNS Press Center in Belgrade. The Public forum was organized by the Association of the manufacturers of innovative drugs INOVIA, and the key topic of the forum were experiences of patients within the healthcare system of Serbia, with an overview of what should be done to improve the practices in the system.

Speakers in the Public forum were Dr. Bojan Trkulja, director of the Association INOVIA, Zorica Marković, editor of the Zdravoskop web portal, Dr. Đerđi Šarić president of the Association against Cancer from Sombor, Dr. Mirjana Lapčević, president of the Association of patients living with reumathoid illnesses, and Dubravka Raspopović, president of the Medical Group in the Associaiton INOVIA.

Conclusion of the Public forum was that patients’ rights in Serbia are at a very low lever, that the existing legal framework is sound, but that the largest challenge is in their implementation. The competent authorities have a low level of understanding for problems of patients and for dialogues with pathents groups. It is, however, crucial to continue the advocacy efforts, and attempt to establish dialogues with decision makers in order to improve the current situation.



Closing Meeting for the Project “Control of Tuberculosis in Serbia”


On June 29th 2015, Q-Club participated the closing meeting for the project “Control of Tuberculosis in Serbia”, which took place in the offices of the Red Cross of Serbia in Belgrade.

There were many doctors and pulmonologists participating and lecturing on the meeting, as well as coordinators of the project “Control of Tuberculosis in Serbia” within the Ministry of Health of Republic of Serbia, along with their partners from the Red Cross of Serbia (from the central office, Smederevo, Sombor and Belgrade office as well).

The goal and topic of the meeting were to point out the future role of the public healthcare institute “Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut” in the program of prevention and control of tuberculosis, and how to continue the program of prevention of tuberculosis in Republic of Serbia after the conclusion of funding by the Global Fund (which is officially ending on June 30th 2015). Results of the project “Control of Tuberculosis in Serbia” for the period 2010-2015 were presented on the meeting.

A particularly interesting part of the meeting were the lecture of dr Vesna Kuruc, from the institute for public health of Vojvodina, on her experience in NGO drop-in centers and the lecture on the initiative of the civil sector for continuous activities in prevention of HIV/TB (presented by the Belgrade Red Cross).

We are grateful to the Red Cross of Serbia for inviting us to this meeting. 


Meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Health of Serbia


Delegation of Q-Club had a meeting with a representative of the Ministry of Health of Serbia, acting deputy minister, Dr Dejan Kostić on Tuesday, 2nd of June 2015.

The meeting had three key topics of discussion. The first of which was overcoming the stock-out of CD4 tests on the Clinic for infectious diseases in Belgrade. This stock-out is a result of neglect by the Clinical Center of Serbia and inadequate public procurements of these tests. Dr Kostic understood the urgency of this problem, and promised to personally contact the competent parties and help to solve the issue as soon as possible.

The second key topic of discussion was including new innovative HIV drugs on the positive list of the Republic Healthcare Fund, drugs which are registered in Serbia, but for some reason are still not on the positive list, and thus are still not available to patients; but also availability of new treatment options for HCV infection – considering a large number of people with confection of HIV and HCV, representatives of Q-Club considered this an issue of great importance and gave a recommendation to consider making these medicines available to patients in close future.

The third key topic was on the initiative started by Q-Club for enabling post-expositional prophylaxis (PEP) in Serbia. In a previous correspondence between Q-Club and the Ministry of Health, the Ministry gave a conclusion that changes in regulations guiding the process of immunization and prescription of drugs are needed – both sides of this meeting agreed that those regulations should be changed as soon as possible.

The meeting was overall very constructive, and we sincerely hope that our future cooperation with the Ministry of Health will be productive and effective, and thus help improve the quality of treatment of people living with HIV.

Representing Q-Club on this meeting were Nada Mićić, Denis Memišević and Nenad Petković.


7th Regional HIV and AIDS Conference


The 7th Regional HIV and AIDS Conference with the title "Making Anticipated Results Possible (MARP): Expanding the HIV Response". The topic of the conference was current response to HIV in the countries of the region, as well as future programs which will be implemented to control the infections, improve healthcare, fight stigma and better involve the community.

During the conference there were many lectures by doctors, infectologists, HIV/AIDS activiists from the civil society sector, representatives fo the Global Fund project - round 8 from Serbia, and representatives of international agencies UNDP, UNAIDS and UNFPA.

Among the distinct lectures was the talk of professor Josip Begovac, from the HIV clinic in Zagreb. The professor stressed that HIV can be successfully prevented and treated if ARV treatment is started at early phase of infection. He also poitned out the siginficance of instituting preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as future in prevention of HIV infection.

Q-Club participated in the program of the conference - both in Social Hub where promotional materials and educational brochures, leaflets and manuals. Everyone who was interested could get significant information on how Q-Club works and ongoing projects. Activists of Q-Club also presented work of NeLP - Network of Low Prevalence Countries of Central and South East Europe on the Social Hub. The Social Hub included representatives of other regional associations.

On the second day of the conference, representing Q-Club, Denis Memišević, presented the work of the psychosocial support program for people living with HIV. It is very important to mention that this program continued to work after departure of Global Fund.

There were more than 150 represntatives from nine countries from the region on the conference.

Main sponosr for the conference was Global Fund to fignt AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, while logistic support for organising the conference was provided by common UN program for HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). The Conference was organised by Partnership in Health from Bosnia.

More information on the program is available at:


Public lesson and workshop on the occasion of the Candlelight Memorial Day


On the occasion of the Candlelight Memorial Day, which is marked this year under the theme "Supporting the Future", Association Q-Club, in cooperation with the Association of Pharmacy students of Belgrade organised a public lecture and workshop on prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.

After successfully implementing these activities, there was a performance to honor people who died of AIDS, and show support for people living with HIV, as well as raising awareness on HIV.


Five year report