Regional Conference on HIV/AIDS in West Balkan

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22.10.2006  Mavrovo, Macedonia

The Regional Conference of organizations working with PLWHA in West Balkan, organized by  Partnership for Health, took place Macedonia, on the lake of Mavrovo, from 22nd to 26th of September 2006. For the first time people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) were involved in this kind of meeting. With full support of Youth of Jazas, we from Q-Club had two representatives on the Conference. There were participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia with Kosovo. The goal of the Conference was locating, understanding and solving problems of people living with HIV/AIDS. The programme was moderated by Kevin Moody from the Canadian organization GNP+ together with Svitlana Moroz from Ukrainian network All Ukrainian Network of PLWH.

Another goal of the Conference was networking and empowering individuals and organizations who work with PLWHA. The Conference was open with the lecture on the current situation of PLWHA in West Balkan. The following lectures and trainings were:
•    National networking
•    History of GIPA
•    Organisational pyramidal networks
•    Advocacy
•    Network integration
•    GNP
•    AIDS is a matter of human rights
•    Recognition of needs
•    Advocacy for solidarity
•    Making and developing a network

During the four day conference the idea of forming a regional network of organizations and institutions working with PLWHA of West Balkans was further strengthened.


Second Regional Conference on HIV in West Balkan

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05.10.2006 Bečići, Montenegro

Conference of multi-sector partnership on HIV/AIDS of West Balkan took place in Bečići in Montenegro in the beginning of October. The Conference had participants from Albania, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, United Kingdom, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Serbia with Kosovo.


This was the first time that individuals, representatives of government institutions and non-government organisations gathered to work on problems of HIV/AIDS. The delegation of Serbia and Kosovo was lead by the Ministry of Health of Republic of Serbia, and it consisted of doctors, HIV/AIDS patients, and NGOs, where we from Q-Club had our own representative.

Topics of the Conference:
•    Capacity building for prevention models
•    AIDS and healthcare
•    Support to general health
•    HIV and behaviour change with vulnerable groups: MSM, CSW, IDU, gypsies and migrants
•    Deadliness of HIV and tuberculoses
•    Factors influencing transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS and social vulnerability

The conference was organised by Partnership in Health, and sponsored by Ministry of Health of Montenegro, SIDA and PH Foundation – Partnership in Health.



X International summer school STOP AIDS

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01.08.2006, Kopaonik

As part of the tenth summer school of Youth of Jazas, we from Q-Club had a programme of our own. The programme included several workshops with a few local and foreign lecturers, Miloš Stojanović (from Youth of Jazas), Nada Mićić and Nenad Petković (from Q Club), Mick Matthews (The Global Fund, Switzerland), Wojcich Tomczynski (SIEC PLUS, Poland) and Jelle Houstma (Doutch Hiv Association, Netherlands). The programme consisted of topics which are the subject of Q-Club’s activities.



Topics of the workshops were:
•    Analyses of the conditions influencing PLWHA in the countries of participants,
•    Modern approach to therapy and various trends,
•    Legislation regarding HIV/AIDS in Serbia,
•    Strategies of living long with HIV/AIDS and complications that can occur in treatment (with an outlook to side effects of treatments),
•    Advocacy for problems of PLWHA
•    Advice for strategy and planning of Q-Club’s work

Along with the very productive educational programme, the Summer School on Kopaonik was an excellent opportunity for networking with people from PLWHA organizations from the region, and all over the World.



Propositions for standardization of Social Services


Overview of the situation and development of propositions for standardization of Social Services for People living or affected by HIV in Republic of Serbia
After almost two years of implementation of Social Services for PLHIV community we would like to go step ahead and to enter the process of standardization and development of regulatory mechanisms. We would like to involve also other stakeholders in this field. 
In period April – December 2008 we would like to analyze present situation, to make overview and recommendation for standardization of Social Services for People living with HIV in Republic of Serbia. 
With in this frame we are planning to work on development of recommendations for standardization of Social Services for People living with HIV in Republic of Serbia aiming:

  • To define needs for services
  • To define different types of services in need for PLHIV community
  • To identify and recommend priority services
  • To define best ways of functioning of Social Services for PLHIV, challenges and difficulties
  • To develop proposition for standardization of SS for PLHI 


  • Five focus group meetings
  • Three focus group meetings only for service providers
  • Eight lecturing sessions for service providers
  • Compilation and writing the capitalization document
  • International seminar on policies and good practices in field of Social Services for PLHIV



Five year report